8 Signs Its Time for a Divorce

Every couple wants a happily ever after marriage life like the one in the movie. However, we all know that some couples have to go through a hard time of divorce. Some of the divorce attorneys Boston says that there are many reasons why people get a divorce, but in most cases, couples become detached and they eventually lose admiration of each other over time.  Some couples also divorce for having argued to the same things over and over again, put down and overly criticized by the partner all the time.

They may have swept everything under the rug, but when the rug gets too dirty, it can be a challenge to just forget, forgive, and accept the problem as if it was nothing.

The crucial thing for a healthy marriage

A healthy intimate relationship starts with the trust and vulnerability of the couple. This includes sharing innermost thoughts, wishes, and feelings. Vulnerable means that the couple is willing to share the risk of sharing the truth, rather than only share what we think our partner wants to hear.

This being said that couples do not divorce for everyday fights, but there are 8 signs that tell you that it is the time. The signs may be different for every couple, but these are the general signs that can be your parameter.

•    Feel criticized and put down by your partner. Let’s admit that we may have criticized our partner for not helping with the house core, going out with friends too often, and other reasons. But when the criticism makes you feel that you are not good enough, you need to think twice of the marriage.

•    Being defensive or/and guarded with your partner. This means that you have the difficulty of being vulnerable. You also often regret being open about your feeling and desires to your partner.

•    Children’s needs come first. Children are every parent’s bundle of joy, but when children’s needs become the main priority; it can put the marriage to divorce.

•    Do not enjoy socializing with families and friends. When there is something going on with the marriage, you and your partner tend to not enjoy socializing with each other families and friends.

•    Often feel lonely. The most visible sign of divorce is when a couple starts to feel lonely even when they are together. There is closeness, affection, and intimacy in between the two.

•    Less sexual intimacy. Sex is the glue that keeps marriage for a long time. Lack of regular sex is a bad sign that one of you has lost interest in the relationship.

•    Seeking for distance. The main cause of divorce is when one of you seek for intimacy but the other seeks for distance. Over time, it can make you lose the emotion and sexual intimacy.

•    Argue over the same thing. It is natural to disagree, but when the disagreement seldom gets resolved, the couple will argue over the same thing. It is very easy to fall into the trap and blame each other and fail to apologize. This will lead to less closeness and warmth of the couple.