Business Cards … Relationships … When to Act

It’s all about relationships (still!)

A business card is part of the branding of a company and it is a way of mentally associating a face-to-face contact with the values of a business brand.  In an age when everybody is obsessed with the size of their following on social media, business cards can seem a little old fashioned. Some people are now relying entirely on social media to keep up connections and have done away with business cards altogether.  However, a business card is a constant reminder that however digital our business life may become, ultimately all businesses are about people and relationships.

To illustrate, assume that you are running a business website design company. You meet a kitchen remodeling company owner,  and hands over your business card to him. He does not know how to design a website and is not a big fan of social media. He keeps the card with him at his office. Down the line, after a few months or may be after a few years, he needs to develop a new website for his kitchen remodeling Columbus OH company. He searches his cards and finds your card. After a few rounds of telephone calls and discussions,  a business deal is struck. Nothing can beat the shelf life of a business card. That’s the power of a business card!

Opportunity knocks… its buried in your wallet!

Whenever somebody gives you their business card they are saying,’ I’m here to help you.’ They are offering you an opportunity to build a relationship with them, one which can you move your business and your life forward in new and exciting ways.  In this sense, business cards can represent a kind of portal or doorway into new opportunities.  As with all opportunities in life, we only take them when we are ready, so a card could sit in a wallet for years before the right moment arises.

First impressions last… business cards make them last even longer.

When we hand someone our own business card we are inviting them to take a step in our direction. But first and foremost is the personal connection and the impact we make upon meeting someone.  Simply running around handing out cards will not get you anywhere, obviously. So the card reminds them of who you are and of good impression you made on them upon meeting.  The business card serves as a way to stay in touch and is an elegant way of rounding-off a first meeting.  It is also a way of making you look credible. If you’ve ever scribbled your name and number on a scrap of paper in the hope that someone will call you, then you will appreciate your business cards that much more.  It tells the person you are serious, and is an opportunity to link your face with your logo and brand.

Let people take their time.

Most organized people keep the cards they think one day they will need.  When they are ready they will take the step. They may be seeing it everyday and just waiting for the right moment. In this respect, a business card is something that keeps on working for you, day in, day out. For a card to be effective it must be something that is not kept and not discarded.  The magic of business cards is that they are physical objects. No QR code, downloadable app or weblink can replace a stylish business card that serves as a constant reminder of who you are and what you have to offer.  Not everyone is tech savvy, not everyone owns smartphone. A business card is lo-tech but is a universal symbol of face-to-face relationship building that is more relevant than ever.  Its old-school brand-building that has a certain pedigree.  It enables you to brand yourself with your logo, slogan and other graphics that links your face to your business and your brand.