Real estate investment: Mauritius, a prized destination for international investors

Mauritius is a popular destination for investors looking for real estate investment opportunities. The island’s beautiful scenery, year-round warm weather, and laid-back lifestyle make it a perfect place to invest in a second home or rental property. This has made Mauritius an even more attractive destination for investment, as there is a strong demand for rental properties. If you are thinking of investing in Mauritius real estate, now is a great time to do so.


The real estate market is bustling, despite the ongoing pandemic

Buyers and sellers are both active in the market, looking to take advantage of reasonable prices and low interest rates. While the pandemic has caused some disruptions, the real estate market remains a lively and vibrant place.

The real estate market in Mauritius has remained strong despite the adverse effects of COVID. In fact, the real estate sector was responsible for 65% of the total gross direct investment in Mauritius for 2021. It is expected to maintain this trend, with Mauritius being a popular investment destination for international investors.

Real estate, a profitable asset for the long term, is continuing to grow in popularity as an investment. There is a wide variety of real estate available throughout the island, but the most popular type among investors and foreigners are beachfront properties with a sea view.


Why Mauritius for real estate investment

Real estate investors are allowed to buy, sell, and rent their properties when abroad. For instance, as Mauritius is a popular tourist destination that welcomes more than one million tourists every year, investing in real estate provides you with the opportunity to make your property available to tourists and generate substantial short-term rental income.

Mauritius has a unique, simple, and interesting tax regime for all residents (Mauritians and foreigners). Taxes on income from a professional activity, income from renting a property, as well as Value Added Tax (VAT), are all set at 15%. Property investment is also a way to secure your assets and plan for your succession.

There are a number of tax benefits associated with owning property in Mauritius, including no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, and no property tax. Additionally, Mauritius has tax treaties with many Asian, African, and European countries that promote investments. In fact, these treaties allows people to avoid being taxed twice (both in their home and destination country) on the same income.


Residency through real estate

The purchase of a property, worth at least USD 375,000, in a designated development project, entitles the buyer to a Mauritian residence permit. The buyer’s dependents (which are the spouse, children, and parents if retired) are also entitled to the residence permit.

This permit is valid as long as the buyer owns the property. An advantage of real estate investment in Mauritius is that the owner can sell the property and make capital gains.


An exceptional living environment

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a great location for investors and foreigners looking to do business or live on the island. Many reasons explain why Mauritius is a popular choice for real estate investment and relocation.

Mauritius offers a secure environment and a warm climate all over the year. In addition, the island has international schools that use both English and French as their instruction languages, and a healthcare system inspired by the European model. English and French are also widely spoken throughout the island, making it easy to conduct business.

Mauritius is a popular destination for tourists who enjoy water sports and hiking. The island’s volcanic foundations create a stunning backdrop for the immense tidal pond, making it a perfect place for swimming, paddleboarding, and more. Moreover, with the sea and tropical flowers surrounding the island, golfers will be able to enjoy the beautiful golf courses of Mauritius.

It is important to have experienced professionals by your side, especially when investing in property, or when relocating to Mauritius. Companies like PLEION Private Services offer a complete range of services, from real estate investment and advice to property management, suitable for investors and foreigners who want peace of mind when looking to acquire a new property and relocate with their family.


A conducive business environment

Mauritius is a popular destination for international businesses due to its favourable business climate. The island ranks highly in the ease of doing business in Africa, making it an ideal location for international businesses. In fact, Mauritius is home to about 20,000 offshore companies.

If you are a businessperson considering relocating to Mauritius, know that you can easily bring your business with you! The island nation presents a number of advantages that make it ideal for working and managing your business remotely. These advantages include:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Free repatriation of profits, capital, and dividends
  • Political, social and economic stability
  • Bilingual (English and French) and qualified workforce
  • Reliable internet connectivity
  • Competitive IT outsourcing services companies
  • Attractive fiscal regime
  • A dynamic business environment


As a leading platform for both real estate investment and business, Mauritius offers international investors a great opportunity to take advantage of its many benefits. With its favourable living environment, Mauritius is the perfect place to relocate to, live and work.