Is It Safe to Use Invisible Fence for Cats?


We all know that the invisible fence or also known as the electric fence is quite easy and convenient when it comes to keeping your cats on the ground. But with all its sudden shock, is it safe to use the invisible fence for a cat? Before we talk about how can it affect your cat safety, let’s talk about the feature, the benefits, as well as the cons of using the invisible fence for pets.

What is Invisible Fence?

Invisible fence or also known as an electric fence and the fence-less boundary is an electronic system that is designed to keep your pet in a set of predefined boundaries without the use of physical fences or barriers. A light electric shock will be delivered to the electric collar if the pets ignore the warning sounds when they are close to the boundary’s limits.

The pros of using Invisible fence:
1. A configuration system for the shock effect
You can decide the level of the electric shock the fence will give to your cat. Not all cats are strong to withstand sudden electricity, be sure to not put the highest level and be considerate for your pet.
2. Creating boundaries with your pet
By using an invisible fence, you teach your cats to be obedient not to cross the boundaries. It is like a disciplinary lesson and training to make your pet get used to the rules you have for it and at the same time, giving them the freedom to roam around.
3. Reasonable cost
Amazingly enough, the cost of an invisible fence is way cheaper than buying the traditional fence. Even if it professionally installed, the fence is very affordable to be bought.
4. Adaptability
Invisible fence can work on any ground. Whether it’s a hilly spot, wooded or watery area, you can still use the fence and even create a large pattern to have an exercise area for your cats.
5. Aesthetic
Because the fences are invisible, the views of the green space will enhance the feeling of being outside. You don’t need to open or close some gate, you just need to outline some flags which are temporary. Your landscape design also remains unaffected.

The cons of using invisible fence:
1. Lack of protection
While it’s true that the invisible fences protect the dogs from leaving the yard, it does not prevent some other animals to enter the yard. Some wild and stray animals could access and endangered your pets.
2. Discomfort
The electric shock could give some discomfort to the cats. Although it’s not dangerous it could still be painful if you put the electrical charge level too high.
3. Escape
The cat can still escape the yard by breaching the electric fence and ignore the electric stimulus. It can still be in again if the cat is willing to be shocked again upon re-entry.
4. Training
To make sure the invisible fence a success, the cat must know where the fence is and it will require a period of training when the owner and the catwalk in the perimeter of fences to noting the flags. Some companies provide the training protocol and it can take quite a time to adjust.

So is the invisible fence safe for cats? The answer is yes and no. Depending on how your cat can adapt, some cats are easily frightened and startled. Some of the cats who are in rage for hunting can easily ignore the shock as well and be out from the set boundary, in the end, it could be both useless to use and endangered your pet mentally. On the other hand, at some point it could give your cats some freedom within the boundaries, so the answer whether invisible fence safe or not is up to the cat’s condition and habits.