How to Tell when an Oak Tree is Dead

oak tree

Oak trees are great to plant. It is beautiful. This kind of tree also produces oxygen for you and for me. It can grow high and big. Its leaves may shade you from the heat of summer sunshine. The tree is also a habitat for some animals e.g. birds, insects, termites, ants and some lizards.

It will be great if oak trees live forever. Unfortunately, they will not. Like other trees, oak trees are mortal. Oak trees also dies. Make sure, you notice the signs when they will surely die. However, do not worry for you can replant new oak trees time after time. Apparently,the signs are not difficult to figure out. You just need to pay attention to them. For tree lovers, it will be interesting to know.

Dying Roots

It is easy to know when the roots are dying. Rotting is the most common appearance of dying oak roots. This situation happens because the combination of humidity of water from the soil and some fungi. It produces too much humidity and acid. If you do not want your oak trees dying fast, you’d better make sure that the water under them are not too much absorbed. Moreover, you can spray the tree roots with some chemical which is composed to kill fungi.

Powdery Mildew

It is a kind of fungus that cause plant disease and make it rot. If you do not want this fungus to kill your beloved oak trees, then kill it with the right substance. Powdery Mildew is actually easy to kill. Nevertheless, some people do not know or notice of their oak trees are infected by it. If you want make it easy to do, call Tree Service expert to do the job. Your oak trees will thank you very much.

Decomposing Bark

It is very clear to notice if you see bark of the oak tree decomposing rapidly. Like any other biological things on earth, tree bark can decay as well. If it occurs often, it will be so sure that the tree will say goodbye. If this happens, apparently, you cannot do anything except saying the last words and say farewell.

Foliage Loss

Plainly, foliage loss is normal. Nevertheless, of it takes place too often, the oak trees will surely die. Once again, you cannot do anything to stop it. It actually happens to all oak trees. No need to worry since you can regrow a new oak tree.

Yellow Leaves

Commonly, healthy trees have green leaves. However, dying oak trees have the yellow ones. This situation shows you that the tree cannot support its own life by producing energy which is needed for regeneration.

Those signs occur clearly when an oak tree is about to die. Once again,no need to worry because you can plant the new ones. No need to hold funeral. If you want to have long living oak trees, water them regularly, get rid of fungi and fertilize them with great organic fertilizer. Love your trees and they will love you back more.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels